If you’re like me and keeping track of your movie collection by IMDB ID’s this is a painless way of importing them into the excellent “My Movies” plugin for Media Center.

  1. Create a working directory on your machine.
  2. Create a text file, call it “file.txt” and add your IMDB ID’s one per line, preserving the “tt”-prefix, ie. “tt0076729”.
  3. Create another text file, name it whatever you like and add the following two lines:

    for /f “tokens=*” %%i in (file.txt) do @echo off> %%i.mkv
    for %%a in (*) do (md “%%~Na” && move “%%a” “%%~Na”)

  4. Rename the text file you just created and change the extension to .bat. Run it. This step will create a bunch of directories with the IMDB ID’s.
  5. Start the “Collection Manager” included with “My Movies”.
  6. File menu->Import->Folder content. Point it to your working folder and sit back while it builds your database.

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